Reading during Lockdown

Fri, May 29, 2020 2-minute read

We have all had a lot of time to at home during quarantine. It has given me a chance to read more and listen to audiobooks. These are the best one’s I’ve been reading.


Links are to Amazon out of ease to link to the books.

Business Books

Business Blogs

Fun Books

  • Beastie Boys Book first of all I LOVE audiobooks and this is one of the better audiobooks I have listened too. It is innovative fun and easy to listen too. I love all the different voice actors involved and the way they tell the story. I enjoy the Beastie Boys but was never a big fan but it definitely brought back memories. I also always love hearing passionate people talk about topcis they are extremely interested in.
  • Feed by M.T. Anderson Feed is an interesting young adult SciFi book that was thought provoking and satirical. I enjoyed it. Quick and easy read and entertaining.